Sun nan couple “mencius’s mother three times”, reveali

  Sun nan recently wife Pan Wei accepted an interview, in an interview how we

conceive of the husband and wife shall have the update.Their way of life with the majori

ty of the entertainment industry is different, really insipid and rich.

  Actually Pan Wei is sun nan’s second wife, buy red sister sun nan ex-wife is mainlan

d comedian.Remember the sun nan and buy red sister has spread the news of the marria

ge, but was denied by the parties.But with one ins

ider said two people break up already.In May 2

011, when two people together in agent wedding, force to break the breakup rumor

s.But in the same year in September Pan Wei Sun Nansheng under a daughter.

  Emotional experience ups and downs of sun

nan, appeared career crisis, has been spread sun nan smoking bad things becau

se of the Internet rumors, but sun nan to clarify many times.The birth of the little girl is

a spiritual gave sun nan, accompanied him had the lowest of his career.

  Pan Wei is also a second marriage, and the former also has a daughter, two people divorce, combining again gave the child the intangible.According to Pan Wei said in an interview, compare with the younger son a disgusted with big daughter, one for things are not willing to take responsibility, so talks with sun nan Pan Wei decided to the whole family moved to xuzhou, because the traditional culture of xuzhou has a long history school, they want their children to learn again, and change.

  The family in xuzhou to rent a house to live, 700 yuan, a month’s rent.A few mouth people lived in a house of one hundred square meters, the surrounding environment also is not very good, people have questioned the choice of two people, but the two people feel although environment, but the heart is very rich.Pan Wei open material wealth have experienced, but it is very spiritual void, although now life is very simple, very satisfied, but the heart is very dull.

  After a few children came to the new environment, also had the new change, draw and write instead of the game became the children’s daily.Like the sun nan, a way of life should be a handful of all entertainment.Showbiz star because of busy schedules and material temptation, heart is very impetuous, so just can have so many divorce, marriage and divorce.

Prayer!Cardiff city new signings Sarah the plane lost

  Beijing time on January 22 afternoon, according to the various media

messages, the premier league club Cardiff city new signings Sarah confirm lost in

plane.It is reported that the plane carrying two people, including Sarah herself an

d the pilot, there are two helicopters is a search and rescue work, but so far there is no any news!

  On January 20, Cardiff city officially announced the signing of French fc nantes Sa

ra, worth up to 17 million euros, Cardiff city club record transfer fee record, the two sides

signed a contract until the summer of 2022.Sar

ah,, 28, the nationality, on behalf of the Frenc

h nantes team made 21 appearances this season, scoring 13 goals and 2 assists.

  After the two sides signed a contract, Sarah speeding to Cardiff city, the plane was due to

arrive by 9 p.m. local time, but the plane lost at about 8:30.Police said: “a few hours

ago, disappeared from radar in a light aircraft, search and rescue operations are cu

rrently alderney island and jersey near.”It is reported that there was light rain, w

hen the plane lost but is not big.However, the bad weather is still in a certain extent hindered the rescue work.

  On October 27, 2018, premier league club leicester city boss d guess by helico

pter, shortly after taking off, unfortunately is out of control crashed to the gr

ound, the plane of the five people were killed, including d guess, painful.Let a perso

n unexpectedly is that only less than three

months, the same sad story happening again in the football field.At presen

t, many fans went to Sarah’s ins account give blessings, hope Sara will safe and sound!

  Here, the only prayer!Good luck to Sarah!Let tragedy away from football!

Romance by real”?Hyun bin and sohn ye jin supermarket

  Recently, hyun bin and south Korean stars sohn ye jin is in love message has become a hot news.

  How visitors see two people walks in Los Angeles, hyun bin with sohn ye jin parents to

gether for dinner.However, hyun bin and sohn ye jin’s brokerage firms are respectively the first denied gossip.

  Sohn ye jin fang said sohn ye jin parents in South Korea, sohn ye jin is the travel alone, can’t meet with hyun bin.

  Hyun bin holds that hyun bin has just finished filming work, now because of work reasons people abroad, not to travel.

  Due to encounter are not upload photos of two people, plus a brokerage firm quickly denied, netizens have a grain

of salt, the truthfulness of two people in love only to be sure, two of them are abroad now.

  However, brokerage, denied the message of love were “face” a few days later.

  January 21, netizens have accompanied with sohn ye jin hyun bin superma

rket, and photograph upload online.Say good “travel alone” and “with work”?

  Photos, hyun bin and sohn ye jin is a low-key film of leisure dress up.Wearing a hat and

sunglasses sohn ye jin his hands in his, very leisurely paced back and forth in front of the shelves.

  ”The boyfriend” hyun bin is responsible for pushing was piled full of shopping cart,

he put on his hat, his face did not hide sunglasses, masks, seems to be not afraid of being recognized.

The Spring Festival visitors to Beijing take note: sweet

  Xiangshan park scenic area on the sina weibo issued a proclamation, mentioned in the announcement, becaus

e the park road reconstruction, incense yamadera scenic spot on January 21st to April 30, stop running.

  Image is derived from the network

  The statement also said that in sweet yamadera closed in the scenic spot, visitors can still through the fragrant hill hotel before 18 mountain road tour.

  Many people come to Beijing are inevitably

going to xiangshan park visit us, the fragrant yamadera scenic area undoubtedly brought troubles to visitors after

closing and opening, and in addition to yamadera, xiangshan park what place fun?

  Image is derived from the network

  Xiangshan park in 1993 was named the capital civilization unit, it is also the national 4 a level scenic area, in 2002 was named the first batch of Beijing high-quality goods park.

  Incense burner peak:

  Incense burner peak peak is 557 meters, the plain in Beijing this city is very h

igh, and incense burner peak due to its steep terrain, many people call it “… “.

  On the incense burner peak “chongyang pavilion”, “step YunTing”, “purple smoke pavilion”, is like conceal

ed, that with a purple smoke more step opened a censer peak above the veil of beauty.

  Image is derived from the network

  YuHua registered:

  YuHua registered location right in the middle of the surrounding mountains xiangshan park zone, was established in 1745, but

in 1860 by British and French troops is damaged, only in 1999 for reconstruction.

  Image is derived from the network

  HongGuang temple:

  HongGuang temple believe that a lot of peopl

e are familiar with, and HongGuang temple history since the Ming dynasty when speaking, HongGu

ang thousand-buddha temple list, the golden lotus, but now is not open to the public.

  Sun yat-sen memorial hall:

  Sun yat-sen memorial hall is located in xiangshan park green cloud temple, began in 1977, foreign key, every year there ar

e visitors from all over the world to visit, here is the r

evolutionary tradition education and the important base of patriotism education.

  In the middle of the hall there are white marble body statue of sun yat-sen, hang o

n the wall with white marble sculpture of sun yat-sen wrote the note “” to the Soviet union.

  Glass tower:

  Glass tower in the west of xiangshan park ridge, built in 1780, with the height of 30 m

eters, seven star, with the yellow coloured glaze in the top of the tower of glass vase, at first glance like tota Kings pagoda

, and, as always, love white marble, the bottom of the tower is carved white marble railings.

  Image is derived from the network

  Besides the xiangshan park there are many places worth a visit, such as double qing villa, cl

oud temple, see mind-heart, pine garden, etc, are all valuable tourism cultural and historical and cultural heritage sites.

  Xiangshan a stone is obtained the mei lanfang visited, mei lanfang and friends com

e here to play while seeing a stone didn’t write, and then write a word, the stone becomes “MeiShi”.

  The charm of the fragrant hill park and landscape, is still need to experience personally to feel good.

Advocates a magnitude 3.4 earthquake in city in

  China earthquake networks formal determination: January 20, 08 35 points in sichuan

and chengdu city part (30.83 degrees north latitude, 103.20 degrees east longi

tude) a magnitude 3.4 earthquake, focal depth of 21 km.

  According to statistics, the average global every year millions of times

earthquake.In China, the 20th century, the 655

level is above 6 earthquake, 7-9.98 times a magnitude 9 earthquake, more than 7 l0

% of global earthquake at the sam

e level.He Yongnian, a researcher at the Chinese earthquake administration, said

that 41% of the land in our

country, and many large and medium-sized cities in more than 7 degrees of high

earthquake intensity area.T

herefore, in the earthquake comes, how to save themselves, is every citizen must

possess knowledge.

  So, when the earthquake happened, is for us the escape time and opportun

ity?Seismic waves are divided into two kinds: shear wave (S) wave and

longitudinal wave (P wave), before the shear w

aves, when the arrival of transverse wave, is the time when the earthquake is the

strongest.But there was a short la

g between the two waves, transverse longitudinal wave time difference is

different for each of the earthqu

ake, generally between 10 to 30 seconds, we can use this time to escape and to

avoid the danger of the earthquake.

  Because time is short, every half a second is the key to save themselves, so

let’s no hesitate.But don’t count on this more tha

n ten seconds allows us to do a lot of emergency work.Especially when the

crust was shaking, people will feel dizziness,

limb weakness, even very difficult move, at this point, must be immediately her squat.

  China earthquake emergency rescue center of earthquake emergency manual written, w

hen an earthquake that moment, under the conditions allow, need y

ou to learn the standard escape measures and the matters needing attention.

  1.Quickly find main wall

  Use of the space around desk, table or bench, or against an inside walls as a cover, and h

old on the object.If there is no desk or table near you, cover your face and head

available arms, crouching in the cor

ner of the room.Teng shay given member said: “a column over one thousand jins, if

there is a tall columns, it is the

best cover, if conditions don’t allow, you should find a solid wall bearing wall, on the wall down.”

AN SAN yuan father 9 tips experts make you a good k

  On 20 January morning, SAN SAN yuan in weibo of the father in the variety show to share how to chase after the girl’s meth

od of screenshots and a caption quipped: “think of how much I am hate to marry old yuan, in order to get a son-in-l

aw also spell”.Dad said screenshots of yuan, if you want to catch up with the girl you – with one word.

  Kiss, is the love express intimacy simple actions, a high quality of kissing can let a

person forever.But some people kissing because don’t understand, often embarrassed when kissing, and even affect the

relationship.The Times of India, has summed up the “skills” become a good kisser, help people to learn the correct kiss your sweetheart.

  1. The fresh breath is very important.Nothing so bad breath can kill more pa

ssion.Kiss if you want to leave a good impression, the first thing to keep a good oral health.The doctor gives advice is: kiss b

efore brush teeth thoroughly, avoid to eat food w

ith a bad smell, such as garlic, onion and leek, mouth freshener are used when necessary.

  2. Don’t be too big a mouth.Although kiss the lips should how rules do not explicitly,

but too much can let a person feel the indecent.Best both lips gently stick together first, and then adjust to each other.

  3. The pose more variable.Change the rhythm of the kiss and posture, can incr

ease the kiss a lot of fun, your partner to indulge.Kiss especially taboo to maintain

a position remains the same, this will not only cause oppression, pain, also easy to let a person boring.

  4. Appropriate use of the hands.Kissing when appropriate use of hands can promote ent

husiasm, but don’t be too hard, can be placed in the other side feel more sensitive parts, such as arms, back, neck, etc.

Guangshen railway into a small program that pay

On January 20, TechWeb 】 【 the Spring Festival is coming, is mighty army of Spring F

estival.Reported on alipay, this year Spring Festival, the train can brush qr code like subway rides.Connect inter-city railway today announced that Januar

y 21, passengers don’t have to buy tickets in advance, pay treasure to small program on the cell phone can brush yards in

to the station directly, forgot to take my id card also relations with America.

Guangshen seven stand along the railway, including guangzhou, guangzhou east,, ch

angping, dongguan zhangmutou, pinghu, shenzhen, is one of the busiest routes

in a large bay area of guangdong.In general, have every 20 minutes, an hour.

At present, shenzhen intercity railway was all

stations have support pay treasure to code by bus.Before the bus, passengers opened the alipay APP, search “

guangshen inter-city and code”, according to clew brush face complete identity authentication, open the related functi

on.On the day of travel can directly use pay treasure to brush yards into the station, don’t need to the window and automati

c machines, standing in line to buy tickets also need not buy tickets online in advance.

Passengers brush yards after the success of the station, will receive a text message, told

the recent train number and seat number.Pit stops according to the second class costs

withholding all the way, after arriving at our destination, billing system will produce according to the price.

Alipay, brush yards to whole process takes onl

y 3 seconds, compared to before the window waiting in line to buy tickets, and collect the tickets, or buy a ticket online, t

he pit stop check id card and other process, it can save more than 15 minutes on average for every passenger.

In addition, pay treasure to say, in order to effectively prevent scalpers, by train, on the

ticket, stop all need to use id authentication.And pay treasure to the system o

n the basis of combined with “brush face” authentication technology level and the f

inancial ability of security technology, can ensure that the passengers is the ticket for himself.

Concentrate on preparing for the Olympic feather

  On January 19, zhejiang energy team player Zheng Siwei (left)/Zhou Haodong in the game.The xinhua news agency Yi-bo li perturbation

  China badminton association secretary general wang wei said Wednesday, preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olym

pic Games, China badminton club super league next season plans to close a year.

  19, came to the ninth season of feather sup

er league in baoji, shaanxi, zhejiang energy 3-2 defeat Qingdao RenZhou, feather super champion for the first time.

  In baoji gymnasium, wang wei, said in an interview: “(feather super close) before the

re is a precedent.Now the national team (for) the Olympic difficult task, countries (regions) attaches great importanc

e to badminton, China isn’t as big as before the advantage.In the national team committee to discuss, after comprehe

nsive consideration, the decision, in order to better guarantee the national team for the Tokyo Olympic Games.”

  On January 19, hunan He Jiting varley tea

m player/Wei Yaxin (right) in the mixed doubles.The xinhua news agency Yi-bo li perturbation

  Wang wei also said: “in (Tokyo) after the Olympic Games, will please all aspects of

experts to discuss how to put the feather super league even better.Now the world badminton game much more special, e

ach must take part in the game reached more than 17 station, it is difficult to adjust the training time.If again to p

lay league, (international) the players didn’t even have time to adjust state, restore injury.”

  Feather super league this season was launched on December 4, 2018, a total of eight team

s after 14 rounds of binary mixed race group match, at the end of January 10, 2019 regular season, the top four xiam

en RenZhou room, hunan varley, Qingdao, zhejiang energy team into the semi-finals.

  ”Semi-finalist four teams level is very close to the regular season first xiamen room and seco

nd it-had south China are final, that game format, scoring methods, staffing is very average.”Wang wei said.

Qingdao vientiane city chanel woman smashed

  Late January 16, some netizens said that Qingdao sh

andong road, vientiane city chanel shop smashed by a woman.North green newspaper reporter in fact in the video

I saw a woman dressed in a pink jacket of cosmetics chanel shoppe directly picked up fell on the ground, and pulling counters.

  Witness mr.chen told north green news reporter, this woman looked young, emotional, on-site customer and staff repeatedly blocked its excesses, but to little effect.

  This morning, Qingdao south notice said the public security bureau, January 16, 21 PM, south the police after the alarm, a woman in

vientiane city shandong province road on the first floor, intrusion customers and broke the chanel shop goods.

  Called, zhanshan rip through the public security bureau police station 110 civilian police rus

hed to the scene rapidly, found that the women’s mental abnormalities, quickly to the women’s control.To the lat

er, the woman is always in a state of mental abnormality, the police immediately get in touch with his parents.After

investigation, the woman is chengyang district in the city people ryu (female, 21 years old), perennial with schizophrenia.

  That night, the woman was taken to Qingdao quiet mental hospital care, the case is under further work.

Pan Yangtze river with 2.15 meters Han Dejun

  Beijing time on January 17, CBA – center Han Dejun and northeast group photo of pan Yangtze river, the famous

comic star was exposed, the netizen is this – the strongest “twin towers” death.

  According to media reports, the underlying cause of the pan Yangtze river

and Han Dejun, was recently, live out a video circulated on

the Internet.In video, pan Yangtze river in liaoning province center Han Dejun number 55 shirt, and argue that their positi

on on the pitch as well as Korea and center.After this set of video exposure, pan Yangtze river was netizen Han Dejun for “years old”.

  Pan Yangtze river himself in weibo released a picture of him and Han Dejun, and quipped “okokokokok, finally found my son!”.

  Pan Yangtze river brother long yong pan weibo screenshots

  Public information, pan Yangtze river height 160 cm, while Han Dejun 215 cm, height difference for 55 cm.

  But in photo was exposed, the 62 – year – old pan Yangtze river was Han Dejun, 32, holding, bo

th of them laugh very happy.At the same time, the pan Yangtze river has also been Han Dejun held high to complete the

dunk, for pan Yangtze river, this is obviously a dream, because to pan height

and age, with the help of no stranger, he is difficult to dunk finish.

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